Western Maine Matters

Western Maine Matters was formed, in 2007, by a group of concerned citizens in response to a notice that the Massachusetts Air National Guard wanted to lower its training altitude from 7,000 to 500 feet over an area stretching from Coos County, New Hampshire, across Oxford, Franklin and into Somerset County, in western Maine.

Western Maine Matters recognizes that in rural western Maine, the ecology of our scenic landscapes is the fundamental basis of our economic life. Lowering a flight ceiling from 7,000 feet to 500 feet over air space where peace and quiet are our greatest marketing tool represents significant loss for a region that doesn't have anything else to market. It is only our remote location, far enough from a tumultuous world sufficient to contemplate and create, that draws a diverse population to this rugged terrain.

Those of us who call this region 'home' feel we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity when our ability to survive economically is in the balance.

Our Mission Statement

Important Public Parks, Natural Areas, and Lands that underlie Condor 1 and 2:



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  CONDOR Update Timeline - posted 10/26/2010

7/22/10 - Proposed Bill by Senator Collins DIRECTS FAA TO HOLD HEARINGS - Daily Bulldog

  Why it is IMPERATIVE to have Field Hearings with the FAA!! — Tom Mauzaka

Joint Resolution (H.P. 1268) presented by Rep. Saviello on 2/09/10 passed 116 to 20



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Air National Guard contact: Scherer, Devin CTR USAF ANG NGB/A7    Email: devin.scherer.ctr@ang.af.mil

Questons? Write to info@westernmainematters.org



Economic Impact & Alternatives by David Guernsey - presented to Governor and staff on 5/15/11


POSTING - 01/17/10

AIR FORCE has published NOTICE OF INTENT to prepare an EIS regarding basing F-35A's at one or more bases including Burlington Air Guard Station, Vt.  Scoping Meeting, Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010, Littleton, NH. Read Notice for details.


HISTORY:    Updated on 01/07/10

State of Maine, Joint Resolution Opposing Low-Level Flights in Western Maine…  February 6, 1992  
Governor McKernan's 1992 Letter
to ANG
State of Maine: Response to 1992 Air National Guard's Proposal
Comparison of 1992 and 2009 EIS: Nancy O'Toole
Condor Proposal Apr. 26, 1994 and Response by FAA Mar. 22, 1996



Bob Kimber:         No better reason today than in 1992
Ann Williams:      Additional Testimony by letter submitted 12/27/09
David Guernsey:  Facts and Analysis of DEIS with supporting Exhibits       
                              Exhibit 1   Exhibit 2   Exhibit 3   Exhibit 4
Rep. Matt Peterson
:  Follow up to Testimony given
Nancy O'Toole
:    Speaks to Comparison Between 1992 and 2009 EIS
Seabury Lyon
:     Safety Issue
Tom Mauzaka:     Major Flaws in EIS, from Pilot's Perspective
Marcel Polak
:       Real Estate Issues
Lloyd Griscom
:     Environmental Concerns and the Economy of Western Maine
Lauri Sibulkin
:      'Want' vs. 'Need'
Kirsten Burbank
:  Effects on livestock, economy of rural Maine
Toni Seger
:           Economic and environmental impact
Ann Williams
:       Environment, especially effects on wildlife
Bill Crandall
:         Effect on Economy of Western Maine
Carol Boden
:        Major Inadequacies of 2009 DEIS
Allan Haggan
:      Failure of DEIS to Meet NEPA Guidelines to Prove 'No Significant Impact', from Pilot's Perspective
Jon Olson:           Maine Farm Bureau - Effect on Maine Livestock
Mike Wells:          Need for Proposed Action - Data Deficiency - Safety  (Former F-15 Pilot's Perspective)
Rep. Gilbert         Economic Issues

     Updated on 1/26/10
         Overview clips of Hearing   (Includes Introduction and brief clips of several speakers.)
         Norman Haggan (Small plane pilot)
         Tom Mauzaka  (Colonel (retired) 4000 hours as a C-130 navigator)
         Mike Wells  (Lt. Colonel (retired) former F-15 Pilot)
         State Representative Wayne Mitchell (Penobscot Nation)

WEBSITES:         Updated on 2/1/10

Complete Transcript of November 14, 2009, Public Hearing (furnished by ANG on DOT site)
Condor Information website
Documents, Maps, EIS on the web

NEWS ARTICLES:   Updated on 03/18/10

Daily Bulldog  -  (03-17-10)  Maine Delegation requests FAA Hearing
Franklin Journal - (03-02-10) Retired military pilot lists reasons to oppose flights
Lewiston Sun - (02-26-10) Farm Bureau hosts exchange on low-level military flights
Daily Bulldog - (02-09-10)  Senators Snowe, Collins Respond to Resolution
keynews.com -  (02-07-10)  Feds reopen jet noise investigation -(ref. Paul Caruso's 9/27 letter to Bulldog below)
WWLP.com News Item - (02-01-10)  Barnes Conversion, Westfield, new home to fighter jets. 
Daily Bulldog  -  (01-02-10)  Governor requesting supplement to draft EIS for low-flight proposal
Daily Bulldog
  -  (12-22-09)  Air National Guard responds to governor on low-flight proposal
WWLP.com    -  (12-12-09)  Barnes launches mitigation program (be sure to scroll down to Comments)
The Irregular  -  (12-02-09)  'Sonic boom' source identified
Daily Bulldog  -  (11-27-09)  Noise confirmed: Two jets from Vermont
The Irregular  -   (11-25-09)  Possible Sonic Boom Disrupts Area
Daily Bulldog  -  (11-20-09)  Boom results in calls
Daily Bulldog
, (11-13-09) Questions linger about low-flight proposal as hearing approaches
Mid-Air Collision of F-16's
Lewiston Sun-Journal
(10-6-09) Public Hearing Set for Nov.
Daily Bulldog, 9-30-09 Public Hearing Re-Scheduled for Nov 14!!
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
(AOPA) expresses safety concerns.
Daily Bulldog 9-21-09 New comment period for low-flight training proposal. (Note: The 7,000 ft. above ground level should read 7,000 ft. above sea level).
Lewiston Sun Journal 9-3-09 (Editorial)
Kennebec Journal 9-2-09 - Flight training still grounded for concerns
Lewiston Sun (online) 9-1-09
- Public hearing on low flight training grounded
MPBN online
- Why the hearing was canceled
Boston Herald (online) 8-31-09
- Hearing Canceled For Pilot Missions In Maine
and National Guard Heading To Nevada for Combat Training
Daily Bulldog (online) 8-29-09
- HEARING POSTPONED at the Governor Baldacci's request
Daily Bulldog (online)
8-24-09 - Includes maps of proposed overflight area, and important information
The Bethel Citizen, Bethel, Maine
(online) 8-27-09
The Bethel Citizen, Bethel, Maine
(.doc) 8-17-09
Kennebec Journal
(online) July 9, 2007
Portland Press Herald
(online) Dec. 4, 2008
Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel
(online) Dec. 4, 2008
Morning Sentinel
(online) January 8, 2009
AP newswire
(online)The Irregular, Kingfield, ME, 8-19-09(.pdf)

Online Articles from The Irregular:


The Case Against the Condor Low Altitude Flights - Irregular 11-12-09 (David Guernsey)
Not In Favor of Low Training Flights
- Daily Bulldog 11-12-09 (Nancy E. Teel)                    
Western Maine
should Matter - Sun Journal SUNDAY by Toni Seger (11-08-09)
To Daily Bulldog
(10-11-09) From Tom Saviello: Legislative Up-date
Op-Ed by D. Guernsey
Stay Involved
  (Ann Woloson) Franklin Journal (9-04-09)

LETTERS:   Updated on   02/03/10

To Sen. Snowe   (02/02/10) from David Guernsey regarding noise - need to determine relative impacts vs alternatives
To Elected Officials  (02/03/10) From Carol Boden (Omissions obstruct informed reasoning, decision-making
To Major Lippert   (12/30/09) from Kirk E. Francis, Chief, Penobscot Nation (A must read!)
To Lt. Gen. Wyatt (12/29/09) from Gov. Baldacci (Strong response to Wyatt's letter of 12/09/09)
To Gov. Baldacci (12/01/09) from Lt. Gen. Wyatt (Response to Gov. Baldacci's 11/13/09 letter)
To Lt. Gen. Wyatt  (11/13/09) from Governor Baldacci (written prior to Hearing)
To Lt.Gen Wyatt  (12-14-09) from Maine Appalachian Trail Club (& cc's to Major Lippert & Lt.Col. Milord)
To Major Lippert
  (12-10-09) from Tom Saviello (Criticisms of EIS as submitted & requests for follow-up.)
To Sen. Snowe (11-14-09) from Arthur M. Kingdon (Vassalboro and Webb Lake)
To Daily Bulldog
(11-19-09), from Ann Woloson (Flight Proposal Likely to Affect Many)
To Daily Bulldog (11-18-09) from Dennis Haszko (Low-Flight Proposal a Bad Idea)
To Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel
(11-13-09) from David Guernsey (Why Should Maine Be Training
Area for Condor?)
To Maine Congressional Delegation
, from Lloyd Griscom (Incompatible Use of High Peaks)
To Maine Congressional Delegation
, from Ann K. Williams
Appendix to Above Letter

AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots' Association) Letter
to Maj. Lippert, Project Manager Condor I & II
From Marcel Polak
- Impact on Real Estate
From Carol Boden ('Award-Winning' letter!)
From Tom Eastler
(Farmington, ME)
To Maine Audubon Society

To the Maine Congressional Delegation
, from Tom Mauzaka (Strong, ME)
From Congressman Michael Michaud
Letter of Concern
To Senator Susan Collins
Gov. Baldacci's Letter to Air National Guard
To Daily Bulldog (9-27-09) from Paul Caruso, Key West, FL (formerly of Phillips, ME)
Reply from ANG to Gov. Baldacci (9-10-09)
Letter to Editor
, Bethel Citizen (9-17-09)
Open Letter
, Franklin Journal (9-15-09)
Letter to the Editor, Lewiston Sun-Journal 9-03-09
Letter to Major Lippert (copied to Lt. Col Milord, ME Congressional Delegation and Gov. Baldacci) (8-27-09,   re-sent 9-12-09)
Letter to the Editor from David Leigh  (.doc)
Letter to the Air National Guard 8-17-09
Letter to Governor Baldacci
Letter from Toni Seger, Western Maine Cultural Alliance
1992 Letter from Governor McKernan in response to ANG EIS


Map of Area Affected by National Guard Proposal
Considerations based on NEPA guidelines
Executive Summary Draft EIS Condor
Analysis of DEIS- Nancy O'Toole, B.S. in Environmental Engineering


About Jet Planes' "Master Scheduling": FAA information website
Notice of Intent 6/21/09
Notice of Availability of the Draft EIS from the Maine Sunday Telegram 8/9/09



There have been overflight tests in the Condor area.


DIRECT 24/7 HOTLINE NUMBER for calling in complaints direct to the Command Post: 802-660-5212. It's important to call immediately because the taped mission data are erased within 24 hrs. if there are no incidents/concerns.


F-15This is a picture of an f15c aircraft. The Air National Guard (ANG) intends to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for proposed changes of the military operations areas known as Condor 1 and Condor 2 (the Proposed Action) for the 104th Fighter Wing, based at Barnes ANG Base in Westfield, Mass.

The Condor 1 and 2 military operations areas are used by the 104th Fighter Wing, Massachusetts ANG, located in Westfield. The study area for this EIS includes portions of Piscataquis, Somerset, Franklin, and Oxford counties in Maine and a portion of Coos County, New Hampshire.

During the environmental process, under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the ANG is required to make certain documents available for public review. As they are made available, they will appear on the Documents web page.


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